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You guys might want to update your main site saying Blood Covered 5 was dropped due to NISA picking it up!


We have never heard of NISA picking up Corpse Party (PC), are there any source for this information?


It was XSEED actually that picked up Corpse Party PC.

So for 4 years now I’ve slaved away at Tim Hortons. I became a supervisor about a year ago. Even with that I was only making $8.25 an hour, just recently I got a job at Costco making $11.50 an hour, and I honestly love it there. But today after doing what I was told to do by my store manager, the store owner comes in screaming at me for listening to my manager, after trying to explain that I was told to do that, he tried to assault me and grab at me, needless to say I quit Tim Hortons and contacted human resources because of not just the assault, this has happened more than once and also he constantly fucks up my checks shorting me on multiple hours. I still have Costco and I am doing well there, but I refuse to get assaulted because I was doing my job how I was told to.

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How I’ll be ordering anything from now on.

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